Hugo Liu, Ph.D. is the founder of Artadvisor, a tech startup building the world's leading art valuation technology. There are hundreds of factors that influence an artist's market, from auction results and critical reception to the reputation of an artist's gallery. Artadvisor applies machine learning and taste-based AI to distill these hundreds of factors down into a concise and actionable snapshot of over 50,000 artists.

Hugo is a pioneer in cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence and consumer taste prediction. As the Chief Scientist of hunch.com, he helped create a breakthrough app that learns about you and predicts what you'd like. Following Hunch's acquisition by ebay, Hugo joined as Principal Scientist, helping ebay leverage its massive behavioral datasets to generate insights and predictions about its 100,000+ brands.

His work spans a compellingly diverse range of subjects. For example, he wrote an AI program called The Synesthetic Cookbook that lets users browse recipes by emotions and create recipes by imagination, earning an inclusion in The New York Times Magazine's Year In Ideas and a chef profile in the Los Angeles Times. He collaborated with a Scotch blender to create personalized single-bottle whiskey blends that evoke childhood memories. He worked with a fashion predictives firm to forecast color and textile trends using data mining.

As an academic in the areas of sentiment analysis, commonsense reasoning and taste computation, Liu has authored over 30 peer-reviewed scholarly articles and edited two books, resulting in two best paper prizes and coverage by national and foreign press.

Complementing his work as a scientist, Hugo also advises startups on product and technology. His past advisees include tech success stories SiteAdvisor (acquired by McAfee), ScanScout (acquired by Tremor Media), and Smarterer (acquired by PluralSight).

Hugo started his career at the MIT Media Lab, where he received his Ph.D. in computer models of taste and taught courses on artificial intelligence and the philosophy of aesthetics.