2010-07-07 7,453 3

Hello World!

Hey interwebizens! Welcome to my relaunched blog. I blogged from 2003-2005 about identity, aesthetics, and semiotics. It was an interesting experience, but I have to admit that I never got the hang of it. My posts were too long, too academic, and sometimes too indulgent.

Well, fixed, fixed and fixed. I want this rebooted blog to be a fun and inspiring read. You can expect 1-2 posts per week, so you can safely add me to your RSS reader. I'll blog about what I know -- taste science, product design, and internet life. And I'll look forward to following up with you via comments.

So again, welcome to my taste blog!

Housekeeping note: In the interest of continuity, I'll be slowly (read: manually) importing my old blog posts from 2003-2005. Caveat lector: these aren't much related to the new blog.