Pensive deviled eggs? Irate gazpacho?
Give him your last few meals and he can virtually map your taste buds. Escoffier would be addled by the very notions, but this 27-year-old, spiky-haired computer whiz at the MIT Media Lab here in Cambridge is starting to shake up the food world with a combination of artificial intelligence and natural obsession.
The Synesthetic Cookbook, Year In Ideas Issue
Can't figure out what to have for dinner? Synesthetic Recipes, a searchable computer database of 60,000 recipes, can't actually read your mind, but it comes close.
Så kartlägger företagen din smak
"Our taste regarding fashion, music and art have become less class-bound with time, and is now highly interesting for companies who compete to identify you and what you like." says Hugo Liu, one of America's premier data analysts."
Din sallad säger vem du är
Seemingly insignificant choices we make in our daily lives can provide much information about our personality or even - our political affiliation. This is the claim of American taste researcher Hugo Liu who is on visit to Sweden in connection with a major IT trade fair.
Adventures in Architecture
Finnish architect and theorist Martti Kalliala and Hugo Liu, principal scientist for eBay, built a data-based display that looks at contemporary museum architecture and analyzes the entire competition data set. As we've seen before, the thousands of entries provide quite a lot of fodder for number-crunching. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the finalist roll out is the Matchmaker Game, designed by Liu, that matches users to one of the six designs based on a series of personality-drive questions (which speculative museum model are you?). Hopefully this won't lead to a swipe-left analysis of future proposals.
An architectural version of eHarmony
He’s humanized the proposals quite literally, assessing their personality traits and commissioning eBay [principal] scientist Hugo Liu to develop a custom matchmaking app. After answering a series of questions—favorite time of day, predictions on how the world will end, preference between male or female architecture—visitors are matched with the Guggenheim of their dreams through this architectural version of eHarmony.
Tech's Feminine Side
A recent study by Hugo Liu, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, used analysis of 150,000 blog entries to create GenderLens, a news filtering system that created "men's" and "women's" news feeds. "In broadest strokes, we drew the conclusion that females express more vividly, are detail and event driven, while male expression gravitates toward the hierarchical, abstract, and utilitarian."
Product Pointer
Imagine picking up a novel at a bookstore, and instantly your cell phone receives a text message containing your friends' opinions of the book, as well as suggestions for films you might enjoy. Media Lab doctoral candidate Hugo Liu is creating just such a system, called Ambient Semantics: a sensor embedded in a ring or wristwatch will read a radio frequency identification tag affixed to an object.
Hello from the future
And then there's the work of Hugo Liu. His stuff is really, really out there. ... He can program an academic's body of writing in such a way that a computer can read and organize attitudes.